On-Site Consulting and Mentoring

Oftentimes you might have a situation where you don't need a full time consulting firm for your business intelligence implementation, but you do need some expert help for a few weeks.  This is where on-site consulting is best suited. 


Usually on-site consulting also includes some mentoring.  Mentoring is important because it gives your company the ability to modify or add to the application after we leave.  Our philosophy is that we want to make your business intelligence project a success and make you self-sufficient moving forward.  We are not a consulting company that places a resource in your department to "camp out".

Some examples of on-site consulting and mentoring

  • A one week on-site engagement where you build a basic cube, with our help.  This is the best way to learn Microsoft Analysis Services. It accomplishes two things: 1) provides hands on experience and 2) works on your project with your data.
  • A multiple week on-site engagment which entails help with the data mart schema and then the building of a cube.
  • A multiple day on-site engagment where an Analysis Services Tune Up is implemented.