Remote Web Conference Consulting Overview

More times that not, companies do a fairly good job of modeling their data and building an intial "basic" SSAS cube.  But usually you will get to a step in the process where you get "stuck".  If you call a "typical" consulting firm you will be told that you need to hire them to 1) define the requirements, 2) build an entire data warehouse, and 3) build a large complex cube.  You will also be told that you need to hire one of their "project managers", one of the "senior developers", and one of their "junior developers".

We are different because we can give you help for a specific portion of your project and we can offer you ad-hoc remote based consulting.  This is very cost effective and efficient.

We also offer on-site full implementations, so we are not saying that there is not a need for that level of service.  But, oftentimes clients need just a little help with calculations, performance, etc.  And that is what we can offer remotely.


How does Remote Consulting work?

The first step is to contact us via the contact form on this website.  We can then use email or a direct phone conversation to ascertain your need and an estimate of hours.  Then we schedule a time and use web conferencing to perform the consulting.  We can walk you through the solution, with you driving, or we can take over and you can watch as we implement the solution.


Advantages of Remote Consulting

  • No need to hire a full time consulting company
  • Flexible scheduling
  • There is no client travel expenses
  • There is only a 4 hour minimum per session


Remote Consulting can help with this topics

    Adding Global Date Calculations to your cube


    Do you need automated rolling dates for your reports and dashboards?


    Do you need complex calculations like "same store comparable sales"?


    Does your cube need dynamic dimensional security?


    Do you need to automate the creation and processing of your cube partitions?


    Having query performance problems with your cube?


    Do you want your users to have the opportunity to "drill to the detail" in the fact table?


    Need help with a financial cube?  (income statements and balance sheets)


    Do you need help displaying a "blended forecast", which is actuals and forecast blended together?